The Mayor Visits SEEED

Knoxville City Mayor Madeline Rogero visited the Tuesday Empowerment Hour at SEEED on May 7, 2013. The students got a chance to ask questions and the mayor pledged her support for SEEED.  More »

Edible Forest/Green the Block

Thank You to all of our Sponsors and Volunteers for making SEEED’s Edibile Forest a Success!   March 16, 2013, over 200 volunteers joined SEEED at the Morning Side Community Center to More »

Our Program

Currently we have 25 young people in our pre-apprenticeship program. Most of them are working to obtain their GED and are learning job and life skills to prepare them for success. In More »

Growing a Green Future

SEEED young people are working towards a brighter future. Imagine a Knoxville where nutritious food is grown in every backyard and vacant lot. Imagine that all the houses, low income and high More »

Socially Equal Energy Efficient Development

    is a green community development non-profit focusing on creating and sustaining jobs for Knoxville’s urban young people, and ensuring clean energy and conservation technologies are available for low income residents. More »


Monday, December 2 – Our dream is coming true!!

Is it really possible to weatherize every home in Knoxville to reduce our carbon footprint and reduce the inequality of poverty?  The answer is yes!! And Monday was a huge step forward

SEEED goes to Power Shift 2013

We went to Pittsburg for the Power Shift 2013 conference. Power Shift on October 18-21. Power Shift’s purpose is to unite organizers who are focused on clean energy. We even got the

2013 Weatherization Day

Every year in October, we team up with the US Green Building Council and weatherize a low income home in the city of Knoxville. This was our 4th year. Here are some

2013 Music Harvest was a Success

Hundreds of Knoxvillians came to our 4th annual Music Harvest at Market Square this year. Here are a few pictures. For more pictures and details, visit our website at

2013 Music Harvest Poster

Take a look at our Music Harvest Flyer – October 12, 2013 at Market Square MH Poster gold 2013